erotic, intelligent

strong and submissive


is not possible

and yet she is"


24 Years Old   /   Brunette   /   5'3"   /   Dress Size: 8   /   Shoe Size: 38  /   Natural D-Cup Breasts   /   European + Spanish Heritage   /   Piercings : Ears   /   Tattoos: 2


Although young, I resonate with the term 'Old Soul', bearing a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. Curious by nature, with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, I am gracefully well-spoken and down to earth. 

Slightly sassy & uninhibitedly myself, I waste no time in feigning interest. Instead, I enjoy exploring differences, synergetic learning and (admittedly) do relish a good debate.

I don’t know about you, but I love savouring things. Allowing myself to enjoy slowly, thoroughly and with a luxurious, un-rushed pleasure. Whether it be the last drop of wine in my glass, the warmth of afternoon sun as it wanes, or an encounter of the intimate kind. Forgetting our hurried day-to-day, lets unwind, relax and savour each other, on a dreamy date.

Physically, I am a gracefully picturesque European beauty. Naturally sensual, with pouty full lips, warm hazel eyes and an endearingly cheeky smile. A poised, petite body of flawlessly soft skin, with heavenly outlines of softly toned curves. Not a pursuer of excessive makeup or adornments, my style is elegant, classy and feminine.


A woman of confidence, grace, and sensuality.

a few of my favourite things


Place:   Hot sun, golden skies & ocean

Past times: Exploring, writing, laughing, drinking coffee in bed

Colours: Gold, scarlett red, earthy green

To wear: Saint Laurent, Revolve

Fragrance: Spice, tobacco & vanilla

Treats: Handmade Chocolate