Testimonials / Love Letters

a few words from lovers...

“If you like a beautiful natural smile and a warm, grounded personality to go with it then Bella is going to please you a lot. Gorgeous dark hair, a pretty face and great curves.

She is a pleasant, intelligent and natural conversationalist, and there was some indefinable quality that made it very relaxing simply to speak with her.”

“Bella is truly amazing and a real lady. I met this beautiful girl nearly a year ago and I have not stopped seeing her since then - I guess she put a spell on me! She is a beautiful intelligent girl, and a pleasure to talk with about anything. There is something very special in Bella, and if you are lucky enough to get to know her well, you may probably know what I mean.
I just had the pleasure to spend a whole weekend with her, and without going into details, only thing I can say is that I will treasure those beautiful memories deep in my heart forever! I would love to do this again, and certainly for longer than 2 days! Thank you Bella for being such an amazing girl. You are a diamond!”

“Bella is simply extraordinary. There’s top shelf, then there’s the Bella shelf. "

“Bella is a real beauty, her cute smile and long brown hair complement her awesome sexy body, her booty surely must rank as one of the 7 wonders…well of my world anyway! 

Her photos don’t really do her justice and she doesn’t need heaps of makeup to pull it off she’s a natural beauty. 

You know how sometimes the photos don’t match up to your expectation and you are a little disappointed when meeting for the first time well rest assured you won’t have this issue with Bella!

She’s a little shy at first, which for me adds to her appeal, she’s like a beautiful flower once exposed to some sunlight she starts to open up to you and you start to see her real beauty.

She’s definitely a GFE and not a PSE, she genuinely enjoys what she does and this becomes obvious the more time you spend with her, she loves sex and whilst she comes across a little shy at first once you get her warmed up, she is an absolute fire cracker in the bedroom!

…she’s not just good she’s…truly exceptional”

“Well first off she is just stunning. She doesn't show her face on the web, as a somewhat low volume provider, but wow!

She is also just lovely to hang out with. I hesitate to admit this, but we probably spent the first half hour just chatting over a bottle of red. Just a super comfortable experience right away. And what a lovely face.

Gentlemen -- it seems clear from other comments that Auckland is usually not worth your trouble. Not the case here. If you want the feeling of a true girlfriend, Bella is your girl!”

“I knocked on her door with a feeling like a blind date, got a shock or surprise of my life when she opened the door.
That beautiful face, big welcoming smile, luscious lips. The first thought that hit my mind was “…she is girlfriend material”. 
…Just live the whole experience. On one side I want to keep her to myself but on the other hand want to get her all the attention she deserves.

Thanks Bella.”

"To make the long story short Bella is simply WONDERFUL. She is a beautiful lady, full of energy, nice silky skin, super sexy, friendly, and a tigress in bed! A real gem without a doubt!"

"Beautiful Bella. No doubt a very attractive girl, petite & curvy, cute with long dark locks (i love long hair), and oozing class. 
…Bella is a pure pleasure machine, her body is a visual and physical treat, and she certainly knows how to dish out the pleasure also. I thought I was in for a slow, sensual encounter, and I definitely got that to start, then she changed gears and decided to fire up and I happily went along for the ride!  Simply amazing. A passionate & enthusiastic girl, she blew my socks off.
After breaking the ice , and being more relaxed, I got to know Bella a bit better. We definitely got some chit chat going on after that, and I have to say, she is a lovely person, a real sweetheart, such a pleasure to be in her company...."

"She is very pretty, beautiful flawless skin and a great attitude towards sex . 

What I really enjoy about Bella is un-rushed service and her slow sensual approach to the main act. 

Bella is a very sexy and soft spoken person who opens up slowly to your overtures and once in sync it is fireworks. A perfect body with all that Yoga practice and a radiant smile to melt your heart."

“I actually think that Bella's description in her profile describes her better than I could, it is pretty well spot on. I can add that she is pretty and does have a "knock out smile" as promised.

I had no trouble talking with her, the conversation was interesting and flowed easily.

The hour seemed to come up very quickly, I wish I could have stayed much longer.”

"Just a quick shout out to Bella for being as cute as f**k, and a lovely human being.

I am new to this, so I was super nervous going to see her. Nerves vanished when she got me on the bed and did her thing."

note : I do remove any written details of intimacy, as a believe this to be something rather personal & individual.